October 17, 2016

Dismals Canyon, Alabama | Fuji X-T2 + 16mm

Last weekend we visited Dismals Canyon located in Northwest Alabama for the first time.  With perfect fall weather, we walked over, under and around gigantic rocks down through the canyon.  Hardly anyone else was there so it was absolutely silent with the exception of an occasional waterfall.  One of the main attractions is the night hike, but unfortunately there was a mixup in the reservation and no spots were available for us.  Regardless, we enjoyed exploring a part of Alabama that we know little about.  

September 14, 2016

Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade

Last weekend was the annual BeltLine Lantern Parade, featuring thousands of locals showcasing their homemade lanterns as they paraded down one of Atlanta's finest urban projects, the BeltLine. Our office is conveniently located along the BeltLine, giving us a great front row seat for the action.  It was also a great opportunity to test the brand new Fujifilm X-T2.  Using the 27mm pancake lens, I pushed the camera's low light performance to the max, with my ISO at one point reaching 25,600.  I'm not sure I have ever seriously tried to take a photo with such a high ISO.  I was pretty pleased with the results but I still need more time to familiarize myself with the camera.

September 5, 2016

Arlington, Texas | Fuji X-E2 | 27mm

I spent the weekend in Dallas to see Alabama play USC to kickoff the college football season.  Two giants of the college football world meeting in a giant coliseum known as Jerryworld.  The stadium was incredible in every sense.  It was a very fun day with family and a great outcome (52-6 Roll Tide).  I took along my Fuji X-E2 with the 27mm pancake lens to see how it would do.  I had it around my neck all day and not once did I think it was a burden.  It was a relief to have a powerful camera in such a compact form.  All images were shot in JPEG (edited in Lightroom) and I was very pleased with the image quality.