August 11, 2018

Travel | Death Valley National Park

2018 has become the year of the US National Parks for us, and our first one was Death Valley a couple months ago, before it got ridiculously hot.  Wide open desert places are my jam, so Death Valley was the perfect place to kick things off.  We rented a campervan from Escape Campervans which worked out great!  Our van was named "Mosaic."  We picked it up in Vegas and drove a couple hours to reach the park.  For the next few nights we camped out around the park, and alternated between chasing the sun and hiding from it.  Although we did not get to experience all that Death Valley has to offer, what we did see was fantastic.  Have a look below:

July 30, 2018

Looking Up In New York City

A collection of shots from last month in New York City for the AIA annual convention. I felt like all I did was crane my neck upwards to take in all of the amazing architecture. Most impressive to me was Santiago Calatrava's Oculus, and Louis Kahn's Four Freedoms Park. In between both of those were countless other amazing buildings and spaces...too many to see in just a couple days.