August 6, 2016

The Road to Mirrorless

It has been forever since I have posted anything new to my blog, well over a year.  However, that doesn't mean I have been inactive!  I spent most of 2015 trying to pass all seven of my architecture licensing exams which I successfully finished in November.  It was a very stressful year plus of studying all the time while working.  During that time I have continued to work on my Ponce City Market Project.  I'll share more info on that in another post.  

A big change I have been slowly making has been switching from DSLR to mirrorless gear.  I have many reasons but the biggest has been the size & weight.  Carrying around a big DSLR with a heavy lens has gotten less and less desirable for me.  I have left my camera at home simply because I didn't want to carry it.  I have read a bunch of blogs where people have described a similar mindset, and have looked for a lighter option.  My first leap into the mirrorless world came with the purchase of a used Fuji X-E2 on ebay.  The first lens I attached to it was an old Topcon 58mm F/1.4 with the help of an adapter.  I was immediately impressed by the image quality and ease of use.  It took a little adjustment to figure the camera out and its features, but after that I was off and running.  Soon after, I purchased a 27mm pancake lens, giving me the ultimate small camera/big punch combo.  Now I had a powerful camera that would fit in my everyday work bag.  Lastly, I purchased another adapter for an older Minolta 58mm F/1.4 lens that just came in today.  So far, I have only been shooting jpegs and I have no complaints so far.  The sharpness is great, the electronic viewfinder is amazing, and wifi connectivity certainly helps for those instagram worthy moments.  Below is a collection of images from the past couple of weeks with the Fuji X-E2 and the three lenses listed above.  Most of them are from Lake Allatoona with the 27mm pancake lens.  

So what's next?  Well, the recently launched Fuji X-T2 certainly looks tempting.  I have not completely made the switch, but it is now possible to have multiple cameras and lenses that weigh less than the DSLR gear that I currently have.  

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