February 21, 2017

Chile | Puerto Varas

Following our stay on the charming island of Chiloe, we made our way few hours back up north to the lakeside town of Puerto Varas.  In the mid 19th Century there was a large influx of German immigrants, who brought their architecture and love of good chocolate and well crafted beer with them.  We had a very brief two nights in Puerto Varas, and were fortunate enough to stay at the wonderful Guest House Puerto Varas.  Originally home to a large family, the house now welcomes travelers to its awesome shared living spaces and delicious breakfast.  We had some really goo food while in Puerto Varas, especially at La Gringa, and Costumbrista.  We also enjoyed the small food truck park for tacos and coffee, and the pop up Christmas market featuring local products.  Now it was time to really head south into the heart of Patagonia.

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