July 23, 2017

Argentina | El Calafate

After a couple days in Torres Del Paine National Park, we returned to Puerto Natales for one night to gather the rest of our gear and rest. Early the next morning, we boarded a bus to El Calafate, Argentina. After 3 weeks in Chile, we were now on the last leg of our trip, this time in Argentina. The border crossing was easy, but slow for a bus full of people. El Calafate was a pretty town, and exclusively catered to tourists. The major attraction of course, was Perito Moreno Glacier. We booked a full day "mini-ice" trek that turned out to be pretty fantastic. After an early morning pick up, we drove to the glacier about an hour away and spent time on raised boardwalks overlooking a giant wall of ice slowly creeping towards us. In the distance, you could hear the cracks and low rumbles of falling ice. The boardwalks were great place to see the sheer size of the glacier. It seemed to stretch on forever, and the wall was as tall as a 30 story building. We then proceeded to cross the lake where we were fitted with crampons and an ice axe. It was the same process we experienced in Iceland in 2015. The glacier walk was approximately 1 hour, and ended with a glass of whiskey over ice straight from the glacier. We stayed in El Calafate just two nights, and this tour took up the bulk of one day but of course it was worth it!

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