November 8, 2010

[Personal] - Maui | Hawaii Travel Photography

I figured I would dig down into the archives for this post, in an attempt to display the types of photography that I am interested in....and to show some of the cool places I have been so far. These are photos from my honeymoon in Maui, back in September 2009. As a wedding gift, Tessa gave me a new Nikon D90 that I promptly clicked away with on our trip. We did all of the things we were supposed to do, and it was a week that went by in a flash. What better way to kick start our new lives together than spending this glorious week on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. We drove the famous Hana highway...3 times. We trekked through bamboo forests just to reach a 400 ft. tall waterfall. We woke up at 2am, and took a bus up 10,000 ft. atop a volcano to watch a sunrise. We spent an afternoon on an enormous white sand beach...alone. We took a helicopter ride through a rainforest valley. We stopped our jeep on a one lane road, got out, and just took in the incredible view of eastern Maui. Our next trip is in the works....

Maybe we'll make it back someday :)

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Steve Elmer said...

These may be some of the most epic honeymoon photos ever. It's nice to see a different angle of Hawaii, instead of just the normal north shore waves. Props dude :)