September 30, 2010

Anime Weekend Atlanta

Two weeks ago I was asked by Mark from to tag along with him and other photographers to cover the Anime Convention here in town. I have never been to one of these and it was quite impressive to see the amount of effort that everyone put in for their outfits. Everywhere you looked there were people with crazy hair, and even crazier outfits. We set out to document the wide variety of costumes and also document the events that were scheduled for this day. First, we just grabbed random people and asked them to pose according to their character. After we did that for awhile, we moved on to the forums that were in progress. One we walked into was a talk by some voice actor and, if you didn't know any better, you would have thought he was Justin Timberlake, based on the crowd's reaction. The tweenies went nuts for this guy! He is the one high-fiving someone below. Finally, we covered the "Lolita Fashion" show. This was an event for a few clothing designers whose inspiration ranged from steampunk to victorian era style. It was the first time I have photographed a fashion show. Special thanks to Mark and other fellow photogs who came out and rocked the Anime convention!

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