January 11, 2017

Chile | Valparaiso | The City

The second destination on our Chile / Argentina trip was the colorful, eclectic city of Valparaiso.  For this post I'll only be showing photos of the city, and in a couple days I'll follow up with another post about the people that I encountered.

Before the Panama Canal opened, Valparaiso was a major port of call for sailors crossing from the Atlantic to the Pacific.  Now, it is well known for its colorful street art, neighborhoods perched on steep hills, and the vintage ascensores that ferry people up and down these hills.

We stayed at the wonderful Fauna Hotel, which is a modern hotel with an amazing rooftop patio where we had breakfast every morning, and pisco sours at night.  During our 4 days in this amazing city, we spent plenty of time wandering up and down the hills and admired the murals on seemingly every surface.  We joined the Tours 4 Tips walking tours, which was a great way to get familiar with the city, its history, and how to get around quickly.  We also participated in a Chilean Cooking Class, where our chef took us to the local market to pick ingredients for our dishes, and then we proceeded to spend several hours cooking, and of course, drinking homemade pisco sours. Valparaiso, the "Beautiful Mess" was a vibrant town, and the most populous place we visited.  It was well worth spending several days here to just observe all of the activity.  

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