January 16, 2017

Chile | Valparaiso | The People

Following up on my previous post: Valparaiso | The City, below is a collection of images I took of people that I encountered during our time there.  One of the things about photography that I find to be difficult for me is coming up to total strangers, and asking to take their photograph.  On this trip, I was determined to keep asking.  Valparaiso is an excellent place to wander the streets.  There is interesting art & architecture, and plenty of interesting people.  I wasn't sure what type of reaction I would get, and was worried that people might get mad at me for invading their personal space.  What I found was the complete opposite.

The reaction I received the most after I asked to take someone's photo was: "You want a picture of me?  Really?"  A couple times, people thought I was asking for them to take my photo!  I would say 9 out of 10 people I asked agreed to let me take their photo, and I was certainly encouraged to keep asking.  Some of them asked me if I could tag them on instagram, and one girl even ran after me and asked if I would email her the photo I just took!  Chileans were very friendly throughout our entire trip, and I encountered plenty of smiles while I took photos.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos, brought a smile to my face!